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Tel.: +995 322 920 520
mobile: +995 599 555 242
+995 599 555 242
+995 599 555 242

About Colour Tour Georgia

       Our company, Colour Tour Georgia, has over 20 years experience serving both Georgian and foreign tourists coming into Georgia from around the world (Germany, Japan, Russia and Ukraine, Italy and Australia, the USA and Israel, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkey, India, Iran and many other countries).
       We started tour operating all over Georgia for the Georgian tourists, but during the last ten years we have started serving tourists from abroad. Our company's philosophy is simple - the tourists who come to us is aiming to have a rest, get to know the treasures of Georgia and get the maximum pleasure. Our friendly and experienced team is trying, within its capabilities to assist our guests in all of these three objectives. Following feedback from our guests, we have succeeded well in the implementation of our understanding of appointment and service of tourists.
       Our company always follows the development of modern technologies in tourism, as well as takes into account desires of our guests. Environmental issues and a friendly attitude to nature has always been and is a cornerstone of our company.
       Our partners around the world are very highly valued our relationship to our guests, as well as our attitude to planning and designing of each subsequent tour. We always try the tourist who first time visits Georgia to became a friend of our company for many years.
       Come and visit us in Georgia. Georgians believe that "the guest is by the Lord". We try to maintain this tradition.

Colour Tour Georgia's Team

Dr. Giorgi Nanobashvili
Founder and Director
Tel.: +995 322 920 520
Mob: +995 599 555 242
Ms. Tamara Egetashvili
Tour Manager
Tel.: +995 322 920 520
Mob: +995 595 401 626
Ms. Elena Balavadze
Manager of the East European Department
Tel.: +995 322 920 520
Mob: +995 599 55 03 49
Ms. Nutsa Muladze
Tour Manager
Tel.: +995 322 920 520
Mob: +995 514 043 443
Mr. Giga Gigauri
Tour Manager
Tel.: +995 322 920 520
Mob: +995 555 65 07 43