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Full Day Easy Cycling Tour to Uplistsikhe and Gori

Visit Uplistsikhe and Gori by Bike

(Cycling Tour)
Duration 8-9 hours
If you’re looking for the trip, which can give you not only great an experience in cycling but more information about the history of Georgia, then you found right cycling tour. In just one day on the bike, you will be able to follow the trail to discover one part of Georgia’s beautiful nature such as a Central Georgian plateau, river Aragvi and Mtkvari, visit the oldest populated rock-hewn place in Georgia and ancient capital of the country - Mtskheta. While cycling you also have the possibility to visit the museum of XX c tyrant, Joseph Stalin. All this gives you an important knowledge about the past of Georgia and the combined experience of history, nature and biking.
  • Ancient capital Mtskheta
  • River Mtkvari plateau
  • Aragvi river
  • Uplistsikhe cave town
  • Joseph Stalin's museum
  • Central Georgian plateau

  • Difficulty: easy (mainly asphalt road with some hills to climb)
    Tour duration: 8-9 hours
    Total elevation gain: 580 m loss: 470m
    Total ride distance: 55-57 km
    Obstacles: uphill on to plateau
    Vehicle support: Yes

    Recommended Equipment:
    - Sunglasses
    - Headwear
    - Sunscreen lotion (SPF at least 30)
    - Rain suit
    - Daypack
The Cycling Tour starts in the morning departing from Tbilisi, with pick up from the hotel, you are staying at. Our tour starts by driving with the car, first the route lays passing by the ancient capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, which is Located about 20 km northwest of Tbilisi and is one of the oldest city of Georgia.
Cycling trail starts by river Mtkvari at the entrance of Mtskheta city, follows it up with hardly noticeable uphill, good start for warm up. Then the cycling tour follows up some hills up and down gradually ascending to plateau with spatial views on river Mtkvari valley and mountains. From the plateau long downhill takes us through the villages to the last small hill and flat ride to the Castle.
From Mtskheta to Uplistsikhe it’s 55 km, which usually takes 3.5 hours by bike, but since it’s individual cycling tour you will be able to cycle at your own pace, relax and enjoy the scenery, also it’s possible to have a rest wherever and whenever you find something interesting or if you feel tired. If you want to fully experience and enjoy biking thrill you don’t need to conserve energy, because Gori tour travelers can continue by car. Please note, during all the cycling tour the support vehicle follows you, so feel free to make purchases, we will be happy to carry your “souvenirs” by car.
Our next stop and highlight, in the cycling tour is an ancient rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia, Uplistsikhe. Translated as a “Fortress of the lord “. Built on a high rocky left bank of the Mtkvari river, it contains various structures dating from the early Iron to the late middle age, it is going to amaze you by the greatness of cave complex and legend behind it’s creating. Before Christianity time Uplistsikhe was one of the important destinations on the Silk Road within some other destinations, like Mtskheta and Dmanisi.
After visiting Uplistsikhe caves, one can decide whether push pedals to Gori or driver by car to Stalin’s museum. On the way of the cycling tour, travelers have the possibility to get to know the countryside life of Georgia. The distance between Uplistsikhe and Gori is about. 15 km.
The next stop is the city Gori to visit The Museum which is dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union. The museum complex consists of a memorial house, where he was born and exposition building with tower and Stalin’s personal coach. Museum tells you the story of leader’s childhood by presenting hut, where Stalin was born as well as his personal things.
On the way back to Tbilisi you are heading to visit Mtskheta where from the tour took the start of the cycling tour. It is a city with rich history and mesmerizing view, Mtskheta became UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historical significance, being the capital of Georgia from the 3rd-Century BC until the 5th-Century AD, It was the site of early Christian activity, and the place where Christianity was proclaimed as the state religion of Georgia in 319.
After visiting Mtskheta the cycling tour ends transferring you by car back to Tbilisi for your hotel drop-off.
The Cycling Tour Package includes:
• Renting of the bicycle and helmet;
• English speaking cycling guide;
• Car with driver;
• Petrol costs;
• A bottle of water per guest.
The Cycling Tour Package doesn't include:
• Travel insurance;
• Other equipment for cycling;
• Museum entrance tickets;
• Lunches and dinners;
• Tips for guide and driver.